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The 7 Best Spray Foam Guns

The right spray foam gun can make all the difference regarding professional insulation projects or DIY home improvements. To help you make an informed decision, Spray Foam Genius Marketing surveyed over 4000 users and experts to compile a list of the seven best applicator foam guns on the market. From renowned brands like Graco and PMC, these top-notch guns offer exceptional performance and reliability, ensuring a flawless application every time. So, without further ado, let’s dive into our curated selection.

1. Graco Clear Shot Spray Gun : As a professional favorite, it is renowned for its innovative design and efficient performance. This applicator is engineered to reduce dripping and clogging, ensuring a smooth and uninterrupted spray application. Its ergonomic handle and lightweight construction offer comfortable handling, making it ideal for long hours of operation. More Info Here at Graco

ProsGraco Clear Shot

One of the critical advantages of the Graco Clear Shot spray gun is its ease of use. This system is designed to streamline the spraying process, making it more efficient and less time-consuming. Its user-friendly interface allows beginners to operate it, reducing the learning curve confidently. Furthermore, the Clear Shot system boasts exceptional productivity. It offers a robust, steady flow of polyurethane foam, enabling you to cover large areas quickly and effectively. This increased productivity allows professionals to complete their projects in less time, maximizing efficiency and profitability.

Additionally, the Graco Clear Shot applicator is known for its reliability and durability. With its robust construction and high-quality materials, it is built to withstand the demanding conditions of job sites. This ensures the system will stand the test of time, avoiding frequent breakdowns or maintenance issues. The foam cannon is especially designed to efficiently apply polyurethane foam.

Cons: Graco Clear Shot

Despite its many advantages, there are a few potential downsides when using the Graco Clear Shot. One of the main concerns is the initial cost ($3600). As a top-of-the-line professional spray foam system, it comes with a higher price tag than other options in the market. This upfront investment might be a limiting factor for smaller businesses or those on a tight budget. Another drawback is the system’s weight and portability. Due to its powerful performance and extensive features, the Clear Shot can be heavier and bulkier than other spray foam systems on the market. This can pose challenges when transporting and maneuvering the equipment, especially in confined spaces or difficult-to-reach areas. Furthermore, although the Clear Shot is known for its reliability, it is not entirely immune to technical issues. In rare cases, users have reported clogging or malfunctioning problems with the system, which can cause frustrating delays and require troubleshooting or repairs.

2. Carlisle ST1: The Carlisle ST1 spray foam gun is a versatile and user-friendly choice for beginners and experienced users. Its durable construction is designed to withstand rigorous use without compromising performance. This gun features adjustable flow control and pattern width, providing flexibility for different application needs. The Carlisle ST1 is easily maintained and cleaned, adding to its appeal. More Info Here at Carlisle. The foam cannon is also a great option for high-pressure cleaning tasks. Hand washes are recommended for cleaning the foam gun.

Pros: Carlisle ST1

One of the primary advantages of the Carlisle ST1 applicator is its versatility. This tool can easily handle both, whether you need to apply open-cell or closed-cell polyurethane foam. Its adjustable settings allow for precise control over the foam application, ensuring accurate and consistent results with polyurea or sealant. The Carlisle ST1 applicator is known for its efficiency. Equipped with a powerful motor, it can deliver a steady foam flow, allowing for faster application. This foam cannon can save valuable time on the job, boosting productivity and potentially increasing your profits. It is commonly used with polyurea.

Comfort during extended use is essential, and the Carlisle ST1 applicator delivers in this aspect. The tool features a lightweight design and an ergonomic grip, reducing strain on the user’s hand and arm. This ergonomic advantage can make a significant difference in long workdays, enhancing both comfort and overall performance. Additionally, the applicator is compatible with foam cannon and hoses.

Cons: Carlisle ST1

One of the significant downsides of the Carlisle ST1 is its price. It falls on the higher end of the price ($3479) spectrum than other spray foam applicators. The increased initial investment may deter some contractors, especially those who are just starting and have budget constraints. The foam cannon, hoses or acetone are not included with the Carlisle ST1.

Like any sophisticated tool, the Carlisle ST1 applicator requires proper maintenance to ensure optimal performance. Regular cleaning, lubrication, and occasional repairs using acetone may be necessary. This can add to the overall cost of owning and operating the equipment and might become a burden for those who prefer hassle-free solutions.

The Carlisle ST1 is a powerful and feature-rich tool, but this comes with a learning curve. It requires some level of expertise to operate efficiently and effectively. For beginners or those new to spray foam applications, the initial setup with the foam cannon and familiarization with the tool’s settings may be intimidating and time-consuming. The applicator is an essential part of the setup process and should be handled with care. The use of polyurea as a sealant is recommended.

3. Fusion Air Purge: Manufactured by Graco, the Fusion Air Purge spray foam gun is a popular choice for professionals who demand precision and efficiency. This spray gun is equipped with advanced technologies and ensures consistent mix ratios and minimal downtime due to its self-cleaning feature. With its quick-release fluid housing, the Fusion Air Purge allows quick changes, saving time and enhancing productivity. More Info Here at Graco

Pros: Fusion Air Purge

The Graco Fusion Air Purge applicator is engineered to provide top-notch performance. Its air purge technology ensures a consistent spray pattern, preventing any clogging or build-up that may hinder the quality of the foam application. This results in a faster and more efficient work process using polyurethane foam, saving time and effort. Contractors often rely on tools that can withstand rigorous and demanding work conditions. The Fusion Air Purge foam cannon applicator is built with high-quality materials that provide exceptional durability. From its robust body to its sturdy internal components, this spray foam gun is designed to withstand the wear and tear of everyday use, ensuring longevity and reliability. Check valves are included for better control.

Another notable advantage of the Graco Fusion Air Purge spray gun is its versatility. It can handle various foam applications, allowing contractors to tackle projects effortlessly. Whether you need to apply foam insulation, air barriers, polyurethane foam coatings, or sealant, this gun offers the flexibility necessary to deliver precise and professional results.

Cons: Fusion Air Purge

One of the main drawbacks of the Graco Fusion Air Purge spray gun is its initial cost ($3450). It is an investment that may require a significant financial commitment, especially for small-scale contractors or those starting in the industry. However, it’s important to note that this foam cannon’s long-term benefits and durability can help offset this initial expense. The foam cannon is also compatible with polyurea and SPF.

While the Graco Fusion Air Purge offers exceptional performance, it requires some learning to operate the applicator at its peak. Due to its advanced features and intricate controls, beginners or less experienced operators may need time to grasp its functionalities fully. However, with proper training and hands-on experience, this learning curve can be overcome with foam cannon.

Like any mechanical equipment, the Graco Fusion Air Purge spray gun requires regular maintenance and occasional repairs. This can add to the overall cost and downtime. However, proper care, routine cleaning, and timely maintenance with acetone can help minimize these inconveniences and prolong the life of the spray foam gun.

4. Graco PC: The Graco PC spray foam gun is engineered for professionals requiring high-performance tools. Known for its reliability, this applicator delivers consistent results and reduces material waste, saving time and money. The Graco PC’s lightweight and ergonomic design provides excellent control, reducing operator fatigue during extended use. More Info Here at Graco

Pros: Graco PC

One of the significant advantages of the Graco PC is its user-friendly design. It is simple to operate with intuitive controls and clear instructions, allowing even novice users to handle the machine easily. This makes it an excellent choice for those new to the spray foam industry or contractors who frequently work with different crew members. The applicator is designed for optimal performance with polyurea and efficiency.

The Graco PC is built to streamline the insulation process and maximize productivity. Its advanced technology eliminates the need for time-consuming setup and cleanup, saving valuable work hours. With its quick-change ProConnect system, you can switch out polyurea materials in seconds using the foam cannon, increasing efficiency and reducing downtime.

When it comes to insulation, quality is paramount. The Graco PC spray gun ensures consistent, reliable spray patterns, minimizing clogs and overspray. This leads to a more even and practical insulation application, resulting in improved thermal efficiency and energy savings for the client. The polyurea foam cannon also plays a crucial role in achieving optimal insulation.

Cons: Graco PC

The Graco PC, like other advanced spray foam machines, can come with a relatively high initial investment ($3450). This might deter small contractors or those just starting in the industry. However, it’s important to note that the long-term benefits and improved efficiency often outweigh the upfront costs. The foam cannon is an essential applicator in this process. Hoses are also crucial for smooth operation.

The Graco PC may require regular maintenance and occasional repairs, as with complex machinery. This can be time-consuming and may involve additional costs. However, proper care and prompt repairs of the applicator and hoses, as well as check valves, are crucial to ensure the longevity and optimal performance of the equipment.

While the Graco PC is designed to be user-friendly, a learning curve is still associated with operating the applicator effectively. New users need time to familiarize themselves with the controls and techniques required for optimal spray foam application. Training and practice with a foam cannon and polyurea are essential to ensure proficiency and avoid potential mistakes or waste of materials.

5. Graco AP: The Graco AP foam cannon offers versatility and ease of use, making it a favored choice for contractors and DIY enthusiasts. Its user-friendly features include adjustable flow rates, enabling precise control over the application process. The Graco AP’s durable construction ensures a long lifespan, backed by Graco’s reputation for quality. More Info Here at Graco

Pros: Graco AP

The Graco AP Spray Foam Gun, also known as the foam cannon, is designed to deliver outstanding performance when applying spray foam insulation. Its precision engineering allows for accurate and even foam distribution, ensuring a consistent insulation thickness and coverage. This results in improved energy efficiency and reduced heating and cooling costs. The foam cannon is an essential tool for achieving air seal and accurate polyurethane foam application. Polyurea is another commonly used sealant in the industry.

One of the standout features of the Graco AP Spray Foam Gun is its user-friendly design. Its lightweight and ergonomic construction offers a comfortable grip, minimizing fatigue during extended use. The foam cannon also features quick-connect fittings for easy installation and removal, making it convenient for professionals and DIY enthusiasts.

Built with high-quality materials and superior craftsmanship, the Graco AP Spray Foam Gun (spray gun) is designed to withstand heavy-duty usage and last for extended periods. Its robust construction ensures durability and reduces the need for frequent repairs or replacement, providing users with a reliable and consistent performance over time. The foam cannon is another useful tool for efficient application of polyurea.

The Graco AP Spray Foam Gun, also known as a foam cannon, is compatible with a wide range of spray foam materials, offering versatility in insulation projects. Whether you are working on residential or commercial applications, this gun can handle different types of foam such as polyurea and adapt to varying project requirements.

Investing in the Graco AP Gun can save substantial time and cost. Its efficient spray pattern and nozzle design enable quicker application with the foam cannon spray gun, allowing you to complete projects faster. Additionally, even foam distribution reduces material waste, saving you money on insulation expenses. Polyurea is also an effective option for achieving efficient insulation.

Cons: Graco AP

The Graco AP Gun is a premium product, meaning it comes with a higher price tag than other spray foam guns ($3520). However, it’s essential to remember that the investment may be worthwhile due to the gun’s durability and superior performance. The applicator may find it useful for various tasks such as air seal, polyurea, polyurethane foam, and spf.

While the Graco AP Spray Foam Gun applicator is user-friendly, mastering its optimal operation techniques may require some practice. This learning curve might be challenging for beginners or inexperienced users, and they may need to spend extra time adjusting the gun for ideal foam application. The foam cannon can help achieve better results with polyurea foam application.

Like any machine, the Graco AP Spray Foam Gun requires regular maintenance to ensure its longevity and reliable performance. Cleaning the foam cannon with acetone and properly storing the spray gun after use can be time-consuming, but it is essential to prevent clogs and ensure consistent spray patterns.

Although highly efficient, the Graco AP Spray Foam Gun (spray gun) is only one of many portable options in the spray foam gun market. Its size and weight might make it less convenient to transport between job sites or for applications in tight or confined spaces. Foam cannon can be a more suitable alternative for polyurea and sealant applications.

6. PMC Xtreme spray gun: The Polyurethane Machine Corporation Xtreme spray foam gun is a durable and high-performing applicator designed for professionals working in demanding environments. With its robust outer casing, this spray gun can withstand rugged conditions without compromising performance. The easy-to-use adjustment knob allows for precise output control, ensuring consistent insulation application. More Info Here

Pros: PMC Xtreme gun

The PMC Xtreme Spray Foam Gun offers exceptional performance with its advanced design and features. It is engineered to provide precise and consistent foam cannon application, ensuring even distribution and maximum coverage. The gun is compatible with polyurea and spf sealant.

This spray foam gun applicator is designed to handle various types of foam, making it suitable for a wide range of applications. Whether you need to insulate a wall, seal gaps, or create a seamless air barrier, the PMC Xtreme Spray Foam Gun can handle polyurea foam.

Its user-friendly design makes the PMC Xtreme Spray Foam Gun (applicator) easy to operate, even for beginners. It features an ergonomic handle and lightweight construction, allowing for comfortable handling and reduced fatigue during extended use. The foam cannon can be easily attached to enhance its functionality.

The PMC Xtreme Spray Foam Gun (foam cannon) can dramatically reduce the time required to complete foam insulation projects. Its efficient application method ensures quick and adequate coverage, enabling professionals to achieve jobs faster without compromising quality. The gun is compatible with polyurea, SPF, and sealant for various construction details and building science applications.

Cons: PMC Xtreme gun

Like any premium spray foam gun, the PMC Xtreme model foam cannon comes at a higher price than basic foam guns. While the cost is justified by its advanced features and performance, it may be a limiting factor for those on a strict budget.

The PMC Xtreme Spray Foam Gun requires regular cleaning and maintenance to maintain optimal performance and longevity. This can involve disassembling the foam cannon, cleaning the components thoroughly with acetone, and ensuring proper lubrication, which may be time-consuming for some users.

While the PMC Xtreme Spray Foam Gun applicator is designed to be user-friendly, a learning curve is still involved, especially for beginners. It may take some time to get accustomed to the correct techniques and to achieve consistent foam cannon application results with the spf gun.

Depending on your location, you may find it challenging to source the PMC Xtreme Spray Foam Gun applicator. Being a premium product, it may not be readily available at all local stores, requiring you to purchase online or through specialized suppliers such as foam cannon or polyurea.

The PMC Xtreme Spray Foam Gun, an applicator, has a robust construction, making it slightly bulkier than smaller foam guns. While this enhances durability, it may need to be more maneuverable in tight or confined spaces. Foam cannon is a great alternative for such situations.

7. SFE Boss AP3: For those seeking an affordable yet efficient spray foam gun, the Spray Foam Equipment’s Boss AP3 spray gun is an excellent choice. This gun offers a smooth and consistent spray pattern, allowing for efficient coverage in insulation projects. Built with durability, the SFE Boss AP3 is designed to withstand heavy use, making it ideal for beginners and seasoned professionals. More Info Here at SFE

Pros: Boss AP3

The SFE Boss AP3 Spray Foam Gun is known for its exceptional performance in the field of spray foam insulation. Its advanced design and precision engineering ensure consistent and reliable foam insulation application with minimal effort. This gun allows for faster and more even foam distribution, improving insulation coverage and reducing material waste.

One of the standout features of the SFE Boss AP3 Spray Foam Gun is its user-friendly design. Its ergonomic handle and lightweight construction make it comfortable to hold and operate for extended periods. The gun also features adjustable settings, allowing users to control the flow and pattern of the foam for optimal application in various projects.

Built to withstand the demands of professional use, the SFE Boss AP3 Spray Foam Gun is made from high-quality materials that ensure its durability and longevity. With proper care and maintenance, this gun can be a reliable workhorse that lasts for years, providing consistent performance and saving you money on frequent replacements.

The SFE Boss AP3 Spray Foam Gun is compatible with a wide range of foam products, making it a versatile tool for insulation professionals. This gun can seamlessly adapt to your needs, whether working with high-density closed-cell foam or low-density open-cell foam. Its compatibility with various foam types allows for flexibility in tackling different projects, from residential applications to commercial buildings.

Cons: Boss AP3

The SFE Boss AP3 Gun is undoubtedly a quality investment, but its superior features and performance come at a premium price ($1750). It may be costlier than some other spray foam guns on the market, which could be a deterrent for those with budget constraints or sporadic usage needs. Consider whether the long-term benefits of the foam cannon outweigh the initial investment before making a purchase. While the SFE Boss AP3 Spray Foam Gun (spray gun) is designed to be user-friendly, it still requires some learning and practice to achieve optimal results. For first-time users or those unfamiliar with spray foam insulation techniques, a slight learning curve may be involved in mastering the gun’s settings and achieving consistent foam application. However, with patience and practice, most users can quickly become proficient in operating the foam cannon (spray gun).

As with any tool, the SFE Boss AP3 Spray Foam Gun, also known as a spray gun, requires regular cleaning and maintenance to sustain its performance and longevity. Neglecting this aspect can lead to clogging or malfunctioning of the gun, affecting its effectiveness and lifespan. It is essential to follow the manufacturer’s instructions regarding cleaning and storage to ensure the gun’s reliability and prevent unnecessary downtime. Acetone can be used to clean the foam cannon and hoses.


Choosing the right spray foam gun applicator is crucial for achieving superior insulation results. Based on our extensive survey, these 7 top-rated guns – including the Graco Clear Shot, Carlisle ST1, Fusion Air Purge, Graco PC, Graco AP, PMC Xtreme gun, and SFE Boss AP3 – have been thoroughly tested and highly recommended by industry experts and users. Whether you’re a professional contractor or a DIY enthusiast, these spray foam guns will be an excellent investment for your insulation projects.

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